Why protect your life?

  • So that if we’re not around: the ones we love are protected; our children are raised as we would like; and our loved ones can enjoy the things precious to us.
  • To make sure that your life doesn't fall apart if we are unable to manage things ourselves for a while.
  • To make sure that you receive medical assistance consistent with your values and ethics if you are unable to communicate those to healthcare providers.
  • To make sure that your pets are cared for if you are unable to look after them for a while for some reason.

Why structure your goals?

  • Writing goals down turns mere dreams into achievable aspirations.
  • Working toward concrete goals keeps your life generally moving in a positive direction.
  • Writing down goals and plans forces you to think of the concrete steps that you will need in order to achieve what you want.
  • Adding structure to your life actually helps us manage our time and achieve even more.
  • Structure provides a strong foundation so you can function safely and efficiently each day.
  • You will be calmer and you feel more at peace when there’s a certain amount of structure.
  • Your day-to-day goal actions can become almost automatic when you build in structure.